Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

Brown Symposium

Brown Symposium 38

Art & Revolution

Alma Thomas Theater
Southwestern University
March 1-3, 2017

Five Guest Speakers
Two Gallery Exhibits
Theatre Performance
New Music World Premiere
All Events Free / Open to the Public

Art and revolution go hand in hand. Since time immemorial, the arts have given voice to the issues and themes that have spurred revolutions. Revolutions have been fueled by contributions from visual artists, musicians, playwrights, and literature. And the arts themselves have experienced major conceptual and technical revolutions that have affected how they address themselves not only to the worlds of which and for which they are created, but also to posterity and its own revolutions. Revolution can denote an attempt to seize and wield power, or it can refer to a set of conceptual or political changes that change the lives and works of contemporaries and posterity. Either way, it is difficult to escape the notion that the arts and revolution have historically intersected in profound and profoundly symbiotic ways and continue to do so today.

Brown Symposium XXXVIII will explore these intersections. In November 2016, a Keynote Colloquium featured three distinguished speakers on the theme of Language and Revolution: How Words Change the World. In March 2017, we feature five distinguished guest speakers, a performance of an acclaimed play about the sexual revolution in the Victorian era, the world premiere of a new composition inspired by art and revolution, and a gallery exhibit featuring an internationally acclaimed revolutionary conceptual artist. There will also be two public salons on the prompt of “art and revolution” – opportunities for you to converse publicly with our guests about the arts, revolution, the changes their intersection has wrought historically, and those that continue today.