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King Creativity at Southwestern

The King Creativity Fund, annually supports “innovative and visionary projects” of enrolled students, supporting multiple projects every academic year with grant awards ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

The 2017-18 Call for Proposals has been posted, and applications are due November 3, 2017.


King Creativity Grants enable students to pursue projects that stretch disciplinary boundaries, that envision bold new ideas, or that draw both on traditional academic methods as well as approaches from outside the academy.  

In one sense, the term “creative” invokes the design and creation of something new: a new object or tool; a new process; a new communication strategy; a new performance or work of art; a new narrative, film, archive, or podcast; a new solution to a problem; or a new action.  

But “creativity” also invokes the use of imagination, the willingness to tackle problems in unorthodox ways or to draw from more than one toolbox, a readiness to take risks, an openness to new perspectives, and an interest in innovation.  

Want to learn more?  See this year’s Call for Proposals for complete information about the program.


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