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Resources & Support

Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) acts as the primary support for the academic experience of the campus community, providing student-centered services and resources - in a supportive, professional setting - that empower students to achieve academic success, including: academic coaching, mentoring/ skill development, services for students with disabilities, & graduate/professional school information.

Writing Center

The Debby Ellis Writing Center helps students with writing. Specially trained student consultants work one-on-one with writers at all levels, on all texts, and at all stages in the process. With attention to the process and the product of writing - both the writer and the text - consultants help with anything from brainstorming to final editing, including thesis formulation, organization, revision, grammar, documentation, and style.

Career Services

The Career Services Office assists students - throughout their tenure Southwestern and beyond - in developing, assessing, and implementing life-long career planning skills that support contributions toward the well-being of society. They teach career-management skills (e.g. resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies), provide opportunities to explore a variety of occupations, and help students and alumni make connections to employers, graduate and professional schools and other resources. Students and alumni can access these services through visits to our office and by attending Career Services programming.

Language Learning Center

The Language Learning Center is equipped with 12 PCs and 24 Macs on a wideband, 100-megabit network. Language students come here to do assignments for their language classes, write papers for their lit classes, or just to browse the Internet.

Information SERVICES

Information Services (IS) provides computing, networking, telephone and cable TV services for students, faculty and staff. Computing services include administrative functions such as the student information system, instructional technology (classroom) support, computer labs and the Helpdesk (tech. support). IS also delivers a suite of services to students in the residence halls. Every resident has an individual connection to the Internet (connection may be upgraded to higher speeds for a fee), a personal e-mail address, a personal phone number and voice mail. Cable television service is provided in each room at no additional charge.


Southwestern is home to the Fountainwood Observatory, a large research-quality reflecting telescope donated to the Physics Department by Max Allen, a local engineer and builder. In addition to providing students with a valuable tool for research, Fountainwood hosts public viewing nights each month during the academic calendar year. Fountainwood Viewing Nights are always free and open to the public. The Observatory is located on the northeast side of campus adjacent to the Rockwell Baseball Field.