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Transfer to Southwestern

You may not have started at Southwestern, but you’re working hard to get here! It’s just as important—if not more—to find the right college for your next educational step. Within these transfer pages you’ll find a wealth of great information, so let’s start with the basics…

General Information

Requirements: Students submitting a transfer application must complete a minimum of 12 credits prior to semester of entry (this excludes dual credit, concurrent enrollment, early college, and courses taken the summer immediately after high school graduation). Southwestern evaluates all candidates using multiple factors to help reach admission decisions. Beyond the admission application, Southwestern requires a written essay, official high school and college transcripts, SAT or ACT score results and a College Official’s Report. Instructor evaluations and a personal interview are optional. Please note, Southwestern requires full-time enrollment and offers a traditional learning environment; evening, weekend or online courses are not offered.

Recommended: While we have no GPA minimums, successful candidates generally earn a 3.0 GPA or better in full-time college-level work. Developmental courses will not be considered when calculating a GPA.

Housing: Students who have had less than four, full-time semesters or fewer than 60 combined hours in college will be required to live in University residence halls and must purchase a meal plan from the University’s food service provider.

Credit Evaluation: Once admitted, the Records Office will officially complete an external transfer credit evaluation. Students will receive this information before they are required to submit an enrollment deposit. A minimum of 64 total credits (two years) and 60% of your major must be completed at Southwestern in order to earn a degree. Southwestern accepts a grade of C- or better on all transferable, non-developmental coursework. Online coursework is generally not accepted when evaluating transfer credits.

Partner Institutions: Southwestern has developed specific academic and scholarship associations with community colleges that regularly enroll transfer students at our institution. These partnerships include: Austin Community College, Central Texas College, Collin College, Tarrant County College, and Temple College.


Next Step links FOR TRANSFERS:


to Audit a class, take a class to TRANSFER BACK TO ANOTHER COLLEGE or fulfill requirements for graduate school

Non-degree seeking Visiting Students wishing to take classes at Southwestern for the purposes listed above, must fill out the Visiting Student Application. More detailed information can be found on our Non-Traditional & Visiting Student webpage. 

to pursue a second bachelor’s degree or teacher certification

Students wishing to pursue a second degree, or teacher certification after earning a degree elsewhere, should be aware of Southwestern’s policies with respect to these options. More detailed information can be found on our Non-Traditional & Visiting Student webpage.