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Financial Aid

Fall 2015 Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is intended for first-year students. Southwestern’s transfer student scholarship program can be found here. These are four-year scholarships provided the student meets minimum academic progress and GPA requirements


November 15

Application deadline for Brown Scholar and Dixon Scholar Award consideration. Early Action application deadline for all other scholarships.

February 1

Personal interview deadline for Brown and Dixon scholarships. Regular Action application deadline for all other scholarships.

March 1

Deadline for any new information pertaining to scholarship consideration (improved class rank or standardized testing results, for example).

Merit Scholarships

Application Deadlines: November 15 & February 1

At Southwestern, general scholarship reviews are done holistically, considering nearly every aspect of your high school experience. Factors considered for scholarship review include: academic performance in the core areas of English, mathematics, lab science, social science/history and foreign languages; rigor of academic curriculum (AP, IB, dual credit, etc.); participation and demonstrated leadership in extracurricular activities; strength and depth of writing samples; standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS); visit to campus; legacy connections; United Methodist Church membership; and achievement/recognition in national programs.

Cody scholarship - starting at $25,000 per year

Mood scholarship - starting at $20,000 per year

Ruter Scholarship - starting at $16,000 per year

SOUTHWESTERN award - up to $15,000 per year

Competitive Scholarships

BROWN SCHOLAR AWARD - starting at $30,000 per year

The Brown Scholarship is Southwestern’s most prestigious and competitive award. Candidates must rank minimally in the top 5% of their high school class (or if high school does not rank, have the equivalent of a 3.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale). In addition, students must score at least a 1400 on the SAT (CR+M) or 31 on the ACT. A personal interview with a member of the admission staff is required to be considered. Interviews must be conducted by February 1.

Brown Scholarship Application Deadline: November 15
Interview Deadline: February 1



The Texas Methodist Foundation, in partnership with Southwestern, administers a competitive supplemental scholarship program to benefit high-achieving African-American, Hispanic and Native American students. Scholarship amounts are added to the Merit Scholarships listed above. Applicants must rank minimally in the top 10% of their high school class (or if high school does not rank, have the equivalent of a 3.7 GPA on a 4.0 scale). There is no testing minimum. A personal interview with a member of the admission staff is required to be considered. Interviews must be conducted by February 1.

Dixon Scholarship Application Deadline: November 15
Interview Deadline: February 1


sarofim fine arts awards - amounts vary

In addition to the Merit Scholarship criteria above, an audition or portfolio submission is required. Students choosing to major in the fine arts are eligible for awards in vocal and instrumental music, theatre (acting or design) or studio art. Final Sarofim Awards are based on an evaluation of talent and a holistic review of academics and will be determined after the required audition or portfolio review. Sarofim Awards are awarded by April 1. Call 512-863-1504 or visit the Sarofim School of Fine Arts website for requirements, dates and general information.

Sarofim Fine Arts Award Application Deadlines November 15 & February 1

Additional Awards

United methodist Beneficiary Grants - Starting at $2,000 per year

As a United Methodist-related institution, Southwestern has restricted funds to assist dependents of United Methodist clergy. Candidates for this grant must submit a Beneficiary Grant Application by February 1. 

National Merit Scholar Recognition - $2,000 per year

Southwestern sponsors merit awards for named scholars in the National Merit Scholarship program. Students must name Southwestern as their first choice university by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation’s published deadline date.

Music performance awards - up to $2,500 per year

Audition or evaluation required. Fine Arts Music Performance Awards are for students not majoring in music, but who wish to perform in ensembles. Additionally, students will receive a fee waiver for private lessons. Visit the Sarofim School of Fine Arts website for requirements, dates and general information.

Need-Based Awards

FAFSA Deadline: March 1

Consideration for a Southwestern Grant requires completion and submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible after January 1, but no later than March 1. FAFSA information can be found at The Southwestern University code is 003620.

Southwestern Grants - amounts vary based on need

Awarded by Southwestern to students demonstrating financial need, Southwestern Grant funding is made possible by generous gifts from alumni and friends.

federal and State Assistance - AMOUNTS VARY BASED ON NEED

Other types of need-based aid administered by the financial aid office include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Texas Tuition Equalization Grant, Federal Loans and the Federal Work-Study Program.

Partner Programs

Southwestern University is proud to participate in the following programs.

the tuition exchange, inc.






General Information

All admitted students are automatically considered for all applicable scholarship programs. All scholarships are awarded regardless of financial need and are renewable annually for up to eight semesters if a minimum GPA, as stated in the award letter, is maintained. When demonstrated financial need is greater than the academic scholarship value, the scholarship will become part of the overall need-based award. Students may take the highest combination of their critical reading and math scores from separate test dates when calculating SAT scores. When an official class rank is provided by the high school, it will be used to determine scholarship eligibility regardless of grade point average. When a high school has a no-rank policy, other factors will be used to determine scholarship eligibility including, but not limited to, grade distribution information for that specific school and/or grade point averages. In all cases, Southwestern reserves the right to recalculate a student’s eligibility for merit scholarships using a consistent, uniform, internal grade point average calculation that may exclude non-academic coursework. When the high school ranks specific segments of their graduating class - such as only ranking the top 10 percent - it will be assumed that an unranked student does not fall into that category for merit consideration regardless of grade point average. A student may receive more than one scholarship or grant. With the exception of the Brown Scholar Award, Southwestern merit scholarships and grants cannot exceed tuition without the student first establishing financial need.

Southwestern University Stacking Policy

The total amount of Southwestern University-funded merit or need-based scholarships, awards, and/or grants awarded to a student will not exceed the cost of tuition. Institutional need-based grants are subject to adjustment or replacement to accommodate the addition or increase of other Southwestern-funded award(s), up to the cost of tuition.  

Availability of Funds Disclosure

Any and all Southwestern scholarships and/or need-based aid are awarded based on the availability of funds. It is advisable to apply well in advance of posted deadlines.

NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Statement

Southwestern adheres to all NCAA Division III policies, regulations, and guidelines that prohibit the awarding of merit scholarships and financial assistance to student-athletes on the basis of athletic participation or performance. All student-athletes will be evaluated under the same programs and procedures as the general student body in all merit scholarship and financial assistance reviews.

Statement Of Nondiscrimination

Southwestern University’s recruiting of students, awarding of financial aid, and operation of programs and facilities are without regard to sex, race, color, religion, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, or any other impermissible factor. Southwestern University’s commitment to equal opportunity includes nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.