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Events Calendar Guidelines

The Southwestern Events Calendar provides easy access to information about what is happening at SU, and an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to promote their events.

Where can I find the Southwestern University Events Calendar?

From any Southwestern web page, click on the Calendar link in the global navigation. You can view events for the day, week or month; instantly sort and drill-down into categories of events like fine arts, athletics, student life, et al; subscribe to events using RSS and iCal; easily share events via social media or email.

What events will I find on the calendar?

You will find all major university events, athletics, fine arts, lectures, student activities, holidays, religious observances, registrar dates, you name it.

  • In an effort to avoid event conflicts in scheduling, some events that are not open to the entire Southwestern Community (e.g., King Creativity Symposium, Student Leadership Awards Banquet, Faculty Retirements) may be listed on the calendar for informational purposes. These events have significant attendance and scheduling against them would have a negative impact on the success of and attendance at other programs should they be scheduled simultaneously.

What will not be included on the University Calendar?

Small meetings such as departmental and student organization meetings should not be posted on the Events Calendar. Student Organizations that wish to post their open events — subject to approval — are welcome to do so using the public submission form.

Who can request that an event be added to the calendar?

Users of the LiveWhale CMS, who have been trained, can post events on the Events Calendar. Students and other individuals or organizations will also be able to request posting of events through the public submission form.

How do I request my event be posted to the University Calendar?


LiveWhale users who wish to post to the Events Calendar should contact the Web Office to receive training and access to the LiveWhale Events module. Students and other individuals or organizations should use the public submission form to submit events.

Will my request go onto the calendar automatically?

LiveWhale users who are approved to post events for their department or office can post automatically to the Events Calendar. Requests submitted via the public submission form will be reviewed, and if approved, will be added to the Events Calendar. The location of the event must be reserved and confirmed before requesting the event be added to the Events Calendar

What do I do if my event information changes?

LiveWhale users may change their events by logging into LiveWhale and changing the event there. If the event is canceled, LiveWhale users can simply hide or delete the listing to remove it from the Events Calendar. If an event is canceled, you can also indicate that on the calendar without removing the event listing.

How will the Calendar help me promote my event?

Requestors have the opportunity to include important promotional information about their event on the Events Calendar. LiveWhale provides an option to include keywords to help the calendar sort events. LiveWhale users may also include photos or images, Google Maps, and links to other resources.