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The Art and Art History Department offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Studio Art and in Art History, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art, and minors in Studio Art, Art History, and Architecture and Design Studies.

In pursuing a major or minor in studio art or art history, or a minor in architecture and design studies, students find they receive significant direction in the first two years, but in their junior and senior years are increasingly encouraged to develop their own line of research, in close interaction with a faculty member. This approach has led students to be well prepared for their first research seminars in graduate art history programs and, in studio art, to prepare professional portfolios for exhibitions and graduate school applications.

Our commitment to rigorous mastery of conventional skills in studio (e.g. illusionistic rendering and life drawing in studio, knowledge of historical forms in architecture, historical knowledge and methodology in art history) coupled with knowledge of abstraction and theory in the Modernist tradition lead quickly to personal experiment. This method prepares students for the most competitive MFA programs in studio art, Ph.D. programs in art history, or M. Arch. programs in architecture as well as for a rich array of careers in which a strong command of the arts can provide solid background, such as gallery management, museum positions, curatorships and numerous others.

Art & Art History

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    Chair of Art History
    Thomas Howe, Ph.D.
    Professor of Art History

    Chair of Studio Art
    Victoria Star Varner, MFA
    Professor of Art

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