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Bachelor of Fine Arts

The BFA in Studio Art is a pre-professional degree that focuses on intensive work in art and design supported by a program in general studies; normally, the intent is to prepare students for professional practice. Students must be formally admitted to the BFA degree program by participating in a portfolio jury. The focus medium (chosen from ceramics, painting, or sculpture) must be declared by the end of the fall semester of the sophomore year. After acceptance by the studio faculty as a whole, BFA students undergo regular reviews to continue in the program. Consult with the chair of Studio Art for the application procedures.

All entering students who are considering studio art as a major are required to take the beginning studios in drawing, ceramics, painting, and sculpture in the course of their first three semesters and Drawing II as soon as possible. In order to finish within four years, students must decide upon their focus medium (ceramics, painting or sculpture) and take the first studio in that medium by the fall of their sophomore year.

Students intending to apply to the BFA program must take a second course in the focus medium and Drawing II before their junior year.

2010-2011 Catalog:

Major in Studio Art (Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree)

19 Courses (Majors consist of a minimum of 30 Credits):

Foundations (in the first three semesters):

ART70-114 Drawing I

One course from: ART69-214 Ceramics: Hand -forming, ART69-224 Ceramics: Wheel-forming

One course from: ART69-314 Painting: Representational, ART69-424 Painting: Abstract

One course from: ART69-414 Sculpture: Figurative, ART69-424 Sculpture: Abstract

ART70-224 Drawing II (by the end of the sophomore year)

Focus (The BFA focus area is a four-course sequence in one medium chosen from ceramics, painting, or sculpture):

One additional course from (by the end of the sophomore year): ART69-214 Ceramics: Hand-forming, ART69-224 Ceramics: Wheel-forming, ART69-314 Painting: Representational, ART69-324 Painting: Abstract, ART69-414 Sculpture: Figurative, ART69-424 Sculpture: Abstract

Two semesters in the focus medium: ART69-234 Ceramics: Studio Seminar, ART69-334 Painting: Studio Seminar, or ART69-434 Sculpture: Studio Seminar.

The second studio seminar in the focus medium requires a lab: ART69-232 Ceramics: Studio Seminar Lab, ART69-332 Painting: Studio Seminar Lab, ART69-432 Sculpture: Studio Seminar Lab.

Studio Electives:

  Four additional courses in studio art.

Art History:

ARH71-104 Image, Object, Text

One modern Art History course from: ARH71-614 Revolution Romanticism Realism, ARH71-624 Modernism and Modernity, or ARH71-634 (recommended) Art Since 1945

One Asian or Latin-American course from: ARH71-204 Introduction to the History of Art- Asian Art; ARH71-234 History of the Art of China; ARH71-244 History of the Art of Japan; or ARH71-314 Art of Mesoamerica; ARH71-324 Art of the Andes.

Four credits of Art History electives. (ARH71-684 Theory and Methods of Art History is recommended)


Two semesters (one of which must be in the semester of the senior exhibition) of ART70-812 Exhibition Practicum, a professional digital portfolio, resume and artist’s statement to be retained by the department for its permanent records. Capstones must be sponsored by a faculty member in the appropriate medium and approved by the Studio Art faculty. Consult with the chair of Studio Art for capstone requirements.

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