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Welcome to Classics (Latin & greek)!

“Classics majors get on well in life because they develop intellectual rigor, communications skills, analytical skills, the ability to handle complex information, and, above all, a breadth of view which few other disciplines can provide” (Princeton Review).


Our majors develop the flexibility and creativity to become leaders and innovators in a variety of careers. Some go on to further study in Classics, but our courses are parts of a beautiful tapestry that set you up for careers in medicine, law, business, and many others. As a first year Latin student has put it, “Latin is such an integrated part of our language that paideia connections are everywhere, even when we don’t notice them.”

For how ancient Greek, cutting edge education, financial analysis, and graduate school in religion all are interrelated, see Trey Frye’s (’12) story.




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Advanced Latin student Morgan Gribble studies Roman antiquities on the SU Chorale Trip to Italy 2013: Colosseum

Advanced Latin student Morgan Gribble ’14 ends up in Rome with the SU Chorale the week a new pope is chosen