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SU SEED (Student Environmental Engagement and Development) Grants Application

SU SEED grants support student generated, environmentally-focused projects at Southwestern. Projects will address issues related to environmental academic studies and/or activism on the SU campus and in the greater community.

Successful proposals will include at least some of these criteria: education of the community; building and maintaining environmentally-oriented social, activist and/or research networks; environmentally-oriented research; and addressing identifiable environmental/ sustainability needs. All projects must also meet the criteria of viability and feasibility. Grants will be awarded to individuals or groups and may or may not connect to course work (either is acceptable). Grants can range from $200 (or less) to $2,500 (or more if justified by the proposal).

General examples of projects include: development of sustainability initiatives on campus (e.g. alternative energy or rainwater collection); campus, or campus-community education or awareness-building events; attendance at workshops; campus-life experiments or ecological footprint challenges; and environmentally-oriented research projects in any discipline.

Projects will be approved on a rolling basis. Projects can take place during the academic year or during the summer. Stipends cannot be part of the funding proposal. Necessary travel expenses will be considered.

Application are Now Closed

The application for the SEED grant are closed. 

Funded Projects

Power Shift

Daniel Ross and Kendall Guidroz


Jessica Olson

Drinking Fountains

Keegan Taylor

No KXL Washington DC Student Rally

Kendall Guidroz and Jessica Olson


Jessica Olson

Chimney Swift Tower

Erin Johnson

Paper Towels vs.Hand Dryers

Keegan Taylor

Set Setal: From Dakar to G’town

Zoe Martin

Tulane Summit

Jessica Olson

SU Composting

Vanessa Toro

Sierra Student Coalition

Jessica Olson 

Flow the Film Rights

Keegan Taylor

Boys and Girls Club

Sarah Puffer

Dero Fixit

Ben Parafina

Improving Ecology

Kira McEntire

Sierra Student Coalition

Jessica Olson and Katie Gibson

Passive Thermal Battery

Eric Godat 

Birds Don’t Pay Taxes


Thermal Battery

Eric Godat

Heather Hall: Sustainable Energy Lab

Sarah Puffer

SU Shares 1000

Molly Jensen

White Tail Deer

Charlotte Huskey

Rainwater Collection


Wind Energy Project

Thomas Newman
Summer 2010

Youth Environmental Summit

October 2009