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International Studies

The Southwestern International Studies program is designed for students interested in understanding other cultures and the global systems—economic, social, religious, intellectual, political, aesthetic and environmental—that influence them and, in turn, the world.

An increasingly global society calls for an increasingly global citizenry. As technology expands our reach, and both culture and commerce move beyond traditional barriers, the ability to understand and move comfortably through multiple cultures and societies is increasingly necessary.

International Studies students explore international issues from a broad perspective, through a variety of means: by studying a particular area of the world in depth; by acquiring an understanding of how that area fits into a global context; by using a particular major as a base from which to explore several disciplinary approaches to another culture; by learning a language used in their geographical area of emphasis; and by the experience of living in another culture while studying it.

The International Studies Program integrates a Disciplinary major with an Area of Concentration, and consists of the following components: disciplinary major; global context; geographic focus; advanced language study; and study abroad. Our curriculum embodies the finest traditions of the liberal arts: Through the knowledge of other cultures, it aims to foster appreciation of the diversity of human experience and to provide a new perspective on U.S. society.

 A degree in International Studies is appropriate for students wishing to pursue careers in law, government, business and international agencies, and provides a particularly valuable foundation for graduate study in the humanities and social sciences.

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