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Kinesiology, the study of human movement, can be traced to the ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, and Greek civilizations. Kinesiology has evolved to become a discipline focusing on movement as it relates to physical activity, health and disease prevention, exercise, and sport.

As a field of study, it draws from an interdisciplinary body of knowledge grounded in the biological, physical, psychological, and social sciences.  Students in the program gain knowledge of anatomical, biomechanical, developmental, physiological, psychological and sociological aspects of human movement and physical activity.

The Southwestern Kinesiology Department offers a selection of courses to fulfill requirements for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, with a major or a minor in Kinesiology.  The Kinesiology major includes courses that are pre-requisites for graduate study in the discipline and professional programs in clinical and health-related fields. These courses are also required for teaching certification.

The Kinesiology Department also offers Fitness and Recreational Activity classes in which students develop the knowledge, skills, and physical abilities that contribute to their enjoyment of various sports and activities throughout their lives.

A degree in Kinesiology can lead to a career in

  • Research – clinical, applied, or basic
  • Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
  • Health Promotion
  • Coaching and Teaching

“Positions are found in a variety of settings including schools, colleges and universities, public and private agencies, clinical environments, government, business and the military.” (American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education)

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