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The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures: programs in Spanish, French, German and Chinese.

We give students the tools and opportunities to become competent, confident, culturally literate citizens of a global society. Our programs in Chinese, French, German and Spanish study languages, cultures, literatures and film as integral to a broader liberal arts education. The Language Learning Center helps meet these goals through multimedia. Southwestern’s International Studies curriculum connects language study to several majors.

Our students learn to think critically, creatively and responsibly. They synthesize information across disciplines, understand diverse perspectives, and navigate an increasingly interconnected world. Majors and minors tie their language studies to in-depth analysis of literature, culture and film. We strongly encourage aiming high on the placement test in order to pursue interdisciplinary coursework and study abroad - as well as making time to meet Southwestern’s international students.

Through this broad foundation, we provide a head start for professional careers in many areas, including teaching, government and international business. Our curriculum moves students toward lifelong learning as well as fulfilling experiences building communities and promoting change. See the Spanish, Chinese, French or German pages to find out more. Click here for the Chinese, French, German newsletter.

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