The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

Southwestern University Alumni Association


A lifelong Southwestern Experience.



To be a community that fosters a lifelong Southwestern Experience by: spanning generations and geographies, connecting ideas and individuals, inspiring learning and service, inviting diverse perspectives and strengthening loyalties so that the Association becomes vital in the lives of alumni and their University.


About The Association

In 2003, Southwestern University Alumni Association was established. The Association consists of more than 15,000 members with approximately 78% living in Texas, 21% living out-of-state and 1% living internationally.

The Association is not a dues paying organization. Southwestern alumni are members by virtue of having completed at least 24 credits at Southwestern University. Membership in The Association is free and for life. Our website is full of information to which our members have access to make connections and to enjoy throughout the year. 

Check out these statistics (as of June 2014):

13 local associations across the country. 
66 events hosted by The Association
726 alumni volunteers in the 2013-14 fiscal year. 


The Alumni Assembly

The Alumni Assembly serves as the voting membership of The Association. The Alumni Assembly officers include the President, President-Elect, Lifelong Learning Chair, Lifelong Learning Chair-Elect and Delegates representing the alumni constituency. Delegates include class representatives, local association presidents, connection group contacts and members of the Alumni Council.

The Alumni Assembly meets once per year, in which the President provides an update about The Association. The Alumni Council communicates with the Assembly Delegates primarily by email.

View a list of Alumni Assembly Delegates


The Alumni Council

These 15 positions on the Alumni Council are elected to coordinate activities of The Association and unite the alumni base. Each chair on the Alumni Council oversees the details of specific programming. Collectively, the Alumni Council makes decisions on behalf of The Association, and, in some cases, presents proposals to the Alumni Assembly for voting. Learn more about the Alumni Council and who the officers are. 


Alumni Award Nominations

Southwestern University Alumni Association honors members of the Southwestern community who exemplify the Core Values of the University and the mission of The Association (see above). The Alumni Awards Presentation is held during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend each year to celebrate the achievements of our Distinguished Award Recipients.

Any member of the Southwestern community may submit a nomination in any category. Nominations are typically collected in the spring. The Awards and Nominations Committee meet during the summer and usually announce Distinguished Award Recipients in the early fall. 

Learn more about the Distinguished Alumni Awards.