The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

June 1947
Verlon '48 and Mildred Mangrum Feller '49
"It started when I was asked to accompany Verlon and 3 of his..."
January 1979
Bill '79 and Gail Watson Engvall '82
"I met my wife of 34 years at SU. It was after winter break a..."
September 1995
Kenneth and Eileen Bamberger Youens, both '99
"We met in the Commons during our first few weeks at Southwes..."
March 2002
John '03 and Melissa Raudales Zinda '05
"We met at a party in college; Jack was a Phi Delta Theta and..."
December 1985
Leslie and Laura Michulka Penney, both '89
"I asked Laura to go to the SUB and she said no, multiple tim..."
September 1981
Doug '84 and Kimberly Davis Thompson '85
"We didn't start dating until March 1983. From 1981-83 we bec..."
August 2011
Gus '14 and Hillary Richard Crimm '15
"Gus sat in front of me in a history class. Gus would wear a ..."
December 1997
Aaron and Beth Houck Hawkins, both '01
"We were mailbox mates, SU Box 6711. Small as Southwestern is..."
September 1989
Jon Porter '93 and Nisa Sharma '92
"It all started at Reggae Fedt with Michael Smith and the Kil..."
January 2005
Seth and Kalie Trueper Brown, both '08
"It all started with Intro to Anthro with Dr. MelJohn."
August 2004
Josh '08 and Sarah Clay Watson '07
"Josh and I have known each other since high school. We didn'..."
September 1955
Russel '57 and Jane Rogers Matthews '59
"I had dated Russel's room mate, Dickie. I was asked out to d..."
September 1957
Sanford '66 and Charlotte Darden Reed '65
"We are high school Sweethearts who both decided to go to Sou..."
August 2003
Travis and Lauren Brown Nelson, both '07
"Travis and I met one night when meeting up with new friends ..."
In 1986
Brian and Carol Rushing Bruckner, both '90
"Study breaks at the Phi house junior year"
August 2009
Jason and Katie Sokolyk Catron, both '13
"We met in Alpha Phi Omega and had Spanish class together. We..."
August 2001
Nathan and Krista Fithian Mery, both '05
"A boy walked up to me surrounded by my volleyball teammates ..."
January 2005
Tim '00 and Danielle Brown Stapleton '05
"It all started in Houston, at the wedding of two of our frie..."
January 2003
Andrew '05 and Michelle Ransom Richey '06
"We met in Scenic Painting taught by Desi Roybal and were fri..."
August 1997
Luis and Jennifer Alcala Acero, both '01
"We met in Chemistry. Luis wouldn't stop whistling in lab whi..."
September 1985
Greg '86 and Brooke Burris Caudell '87
"We met on Southwestern's first semester in London."
September 1986
Lee '90 and Chrisie Moulds Merritt '88
"We met in Chemistry Lab."
September 1955
Van Phillip '59 and Mary Beth Chambers Hunt '58
"Fresh out of serving in the US Navy for four years, Van was ..."
August 1989
Eric Arias and Elizabeth Knox, both 2008
"We met at the Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf in San An..."
June 1953
Robert '53 and Marjorie Stout Sledge '57
"We met at Mount Wesley, Kerrville, corresponded while Rob wa..."
September 1975
Bernard and Deborah Moon Williamson, both '79
"I met my beautiful bride at SU during the fall semester of o..."
September 1955
Branson '57 and Betty Lambert Thurston '58
"We met at Southwestern when I (Branson) was a Freshman Orien..."
September 1947
John '48 and Joann Evans Foster '52
"In the late 1940's (at least) we sat in alphabetical order i..."
January 1974
John and Iris Bullard Foster, both '75
"I had had my eye on members of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity eve..."
September 1987
Richard '74 and Barbara Priesmeyer Crozier '75
"In the Fall of my senior year at SU, someone told me of a fr..."
November 1975
Ricky '79 and Lezlie Moore Gravens '78
"I was at Southwestern a year before Rick arrived on a baseba..."
September 2007
Patrick '09 and Sarah Woolley Houston 2011
"We started out as friends in a group that celebrated “Adve..."
May 1989
Scott and Judy Albright Griscom, both '91
"Scott and I met through Residence Life. Scott had been a Sop..."
April 1985
Brian '87 and Julie Reeves Wieters '88
"Our study sessions in the old “barn” part of Cody Librar..."
Fall 1963
Tom and Judy Whittenberg Connolly, both '65
"Tom and I were in an ethics class under Dr. John Score. The ..."
August 1970
David '71 and Nancy Anderson Clyde '74
"As an incoming senior determined to graduate in the spring o..."
March 2007
Matthew '07 and Amanda Figueroa Anthony '10
"We met at Destination:Service and once we came back we took ..."
April 1983
Tony '83 and Erin Little Palagonia '86
"There she was walking out of the Student Union - beautiful s..."
Sept. 1976
Jeff '78 and Sally Victorin Weaver '80
"Playing volleyball in the gym, I spied Jeff and his Pirates ..."
August 1960
Les `63 and Carroll McBride Selander `64
"Carroll was on campus early for Freshman Orientation and I (..."
October 1976
Mark '77 and Catherine Neely Ellis '78
"I had participated in a 6 week summer school trip to Graz, A..."
September 1975
Gene and Carla Hawkins Brown, both '79
"We met on move in day of our Freshman year 1975. I was a Mus..."
September 1976
Reb '70 and Nancy Harris Bacchus '69
"Appropriately, we met in Dr. Luksa's Marriage and Family soc..."
Every love shares a story.
Each story has a beginning.

We are pleased to welcome you as inaugural Southwestern Sweethearts, celebrating all alumni couples who have joined their hearts and lives.

Join us for a special Southwestern Sweethearts Recommitment Ceremony during Homecoming, Nov. 3-5, in the Lois Perkins Chapel.

More details will be available this summer.

Getting married soon?
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Are you an alumni couple preparing for your upcoming nuptials? Congratulations! The Southwestern University Alumni Association would like to celebrate this life achievement. Complete this form and we will mail you a set of complimentary champagne flutes to toast on your wedding day.
Wedding Credit: CARLOS BARRON, JR.
The splendor of its architectural design, the Christian symbolism, and its placement in the center of Southwestern University’s campus in Georgetown make Lois Perkins Chapel a beautiful setting for a wedding celebration. The Chapel seats approximately 650 guests.