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Division of Student Life Resources

Career Services

The Office of Career Services offers a wide variety of resources and programs designed to assist students in developing career-management skills (e.g. resume writing, interviewing, job/internship search strategies), and opportunities to explore a variety of occupations. Students and alumni can make connections with employers and graduate and professional schools, and attend a wide variety of programs offered through Career Services. Many resources are available day or night through our extensive website: For more information, call Daniel Orozco at 512-863-1346 or email

Counseling Services

The Office of Counseling Services seeks to facilitate student success by promoting psychological health. Individual, couples, and group therapy are offered by highly trained professionals to address a variety of psychological/emotional issues. Counselors are also available for faculty/staff consultation about student concerns. For more information, contact Dr. Judy Sonnenberg, Director of Counseling and Health Services at 512-863-1252 or visit our website at

Diversity Education

The Office of Diversity Education works to promote diversity and social justice initiatives on campus. The ODE also provides resources and supports the continued development of a positive campus climate, including: support for underrepresented students and cultural and identity based student organizations; workshops on diversity and social justice topics for the Southwestern University community; events and programs to promote awareness about diversity and social justice; resources through the Cross Cultural Center, including a resource library, study groups, and a place to relax and study; networking and outreach opportunities for faculty, staff and students; diversity trainings and workshops; Safe Zone training; and retention initiatives and leadership development for students. For more information, contact Terri Johnson, Assistant Dean for Student Multicultural Affairs at 512-863-1342, or visit our website at

Health Services

The Office of Health Services seeks to facilitate student success by promoting physical health. Health Services offers primary health care, laboratory and diagnostic services, as well as focusing on preventive care. Our team consisting of a Nurse Practitioner, a Registered Nurse, and contracted doctors will facilitate getting students’ needs met. For more information, contact Jennifer Spiller, Family Nurse Practitioner & Health Services Manager, at 512-863-1245 or visit our website at

Intercollegiate Athletics

The Pirates of Southwestern University are student-athletes who compete at a high level on the field/court while also staying focused on and excelling in their academic endeavors. As a member of the NCAA Division III, no athletic scholarships are awarded to any student-athletes, but the level of competition and commitment remain the same throughout all NCAA Divisions. The Pirates compete in 20 intercollegiate sports (10M/10W) and are members of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. Visit our website at For more information, contact Dr. Glada Munt at 512-863-1618 or

Intramural & Recreational Activities

Southwestern Intramural & Recreational Activities (SIRA) provides opportunities for physical, social, and educational development through participation in intramural sports, fitness programs, sport clubs, and outdoor recreation. We take fun seriously and know it’s important that students have a good time and find a balanced, healthy lifestyle right here on campus. Faculty and staff also participate in many SIRA programs. Visit our website at For more information, contact Derek Timourian, Asst. Dean for Student Life and Recreational Activities and Interim Director of Student Activities, at 512-863-1665 or

University Police

Southwestern University’s Police Department provides a safe and secure environment for the entire community by providing a “Community Policing” philosophy in its approach to law enforcement that is predominantly service, education, and prevention oriented. This is accomplished by 24-hour police patrol of the entire campus. SUPD officers are fully licensed by the State of Texas and enforce all university, local, and state laws. The Police Department also enforces parking regulations and oversees the Pirate Bike Program. For more information, visit our website at or contact Chief Deborah Brown at 512-863-1944 or

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life has the responsibility to provide students with safe, well-maintained, reasonably priced housing. It also supports and supplements the intellectual experience found in the classroom by offering a variety of educational, recreational, social, and cultural experiences that promote the academic success and personal growth of each student. For more information, visit our website at or contact Jaime Woody at 512-863-1624.

Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities is an advisor, ally, administrator, educator, and mentor to the students of Southwestern University. We facilitate learning experiences through new student orientation, leadership opportunities, student organizations, social activities, and other services that promote personal growth and empowerment. Visit our website at For more information, contact Derek Timourian at 512-863-1665 or

Student Life

The Office of Student Life houses the Vice President for Student Life and the Dean of Students. In addition to addressing concerns related to student judicial, housing and Honor Code, the primary goal of the Office of Student Life is to ensure the overall well-being of Southwestern students. For more information, contact Jerry Brody at 512-863-1582 or or Jaime Woody at 512-863-1624 or

Spiritual & Religious Life

College is a time for exploring the life of the mind and the spirit of faith. It can be a time of questioning, growing, changing and affirming ideas about beliefs, traditions and values. The University Chaplain is here to help students explore these aspects of life and connect with relationships and resources that will support their exploration and growth. Megan Danner relates with students of all faiths and no particular tradition or faith through personal counsel and organized activities. Programs sponsored by the chaplain include Thursday Morning Chapel, Rethink Your Faith (RYF) small group discussions, Spring Breakaway, Tuesday Night Worship, the Wilson Lecturer, interfaith cooperation and more. For more information, contact University Chaplain and Director of Spiritual & Religious Life Megan Danner at 512-863-1056 or Her office is located in the Howry Center (by the Henderson Tennis Courts).