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Pave the Way!

The Southwestern community will help commemorate our 175th year with engraved bricks that will be placed in the 175th Anniversary Garden. More important, gifts made toward the brick campaign will support Southwestern students, faculty and programs in ways that will be even longer lasting.

The deadline to place a brick inscription order has passed.

View a photo gallery of the first phase of the brick garden under construction here

Frequently Asked Questions


The first phase of bricks was placed in the ground for Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, October 16-18, 2015. If you ordered your brick by August 15, 2015 your brick was included in the first phase.

The second phase of bricks will include all other brick orders placed by October 31, 2015, including the limestone blocks. The 175th Anniversary Garden will be dedicated at the 2016 Charter Day Celebration on February 5, 2016 at noon. Everyone is welcome to attend the garden dedication. 

All are welcome to visit campus to see the brick garden at any time. The brick garden is located here.


You should have received two confirmation emails if you ordered your brick online. One email contains the subject line “Thank you for your gift” and comes from the Southwestern Gift Programs Office (Melissa Miller). Refer to this email if you have a question about your gift.

The other email you should have received has the subject line “Online Donation” and comes from the brick vendor (Bricks R Us). Refer to this email if you have a question about your brick order. This email also serves as your “proof.” You will not hear from our office about your proof unless we have follow-up questions about your inscription.

All brick donors will receive a photo of their brick to the email address provided in the order. If you ordered your brick prior to July 2015, you should have already received your brick photo. Please note that we are still working on sorting through all the bricks placed after July 2015 and the photo is the last step. We ask for your patience as we send out emails to every brick donor with their specific brick photo. 


The bricks will be placed in the 175th Anniversary Garden Adobe Acrobat File located at the entrance of the Red & Charline McCombs Campus Center walkway adjacent to the Academic Mall.


How many characters and lines can fit on a brick?

The number of characters depends on the size of the brick. A character means any letter, number, greek letter, space or punctuation mark.

4 x 8 - 18 characters per line, 16 recommended
4 x 8 - 4 possible lines, 3 recommended

8 x 8 - 18 characters per line, 16 recommended
8 x 8 - 8 possible lines, 6 recommended

What will the lettering look like on the brick?

To align with the Southwestern 175th Anniversary design theme, we will use the same typeface, Gothic Medium, in all uppercase lettering. The characters will be sandblasted into the brick with black ink. Sandblasting provides deep, clean and crisp engraving, ensuring its longevity.

What will the brick look like?

Each brick will be a finished Whitacre Greer brick with a smooth surface and beveled edges. The 4 x 8 brick will come in classic red and the 8 x 8 will come in antique red (a darker red).

Can I use greek letters or other symbols in my inscription?

You can use greek letters. You cannot use any other symbols (other than letters, numbers, greek letters, spaces or punctuation marks).

When entering your inscription with greek letters on the brick order site, write out your line with greek letters spelled out in the comments field.

EG: If you want to write out your fraternity/sorority name using the three greek letters, in the comments field write: “Alpha Delta Pi - use greek symbols.” If you want your greek letters written out, write “ZETA - do not use greek symbols.” If there are any questions about your inscription message, we will contact you.

Is the gift I make tax-deductible?

The brick inscribed with your message will be the property of Southwestern University. You will not receive any goods or services in exchange for your gift, so the donation can be fully tax-deductible.

Can I order a brick with a group of people, or on behalf of a student organization or business?

Yes. The group only needs to place one order on the brick order form, but on the donation page, you can make your gift as an individual on behalf of the organization, the business/organization can make the gift, or each individual can make her/his own gift separately adding up to the amount of the brick.

How do I order a brick on behalf of my current student/graduating senior?

If you are reserving a brick on behalf of a current student, list the person’s name who is making the gift on the brick order form and donation page. You can list the student’s name on the inscription message. Anyone honoring a current student can receive the current student rate of $50.

Can I reserve my brick AND make my annual gift to the Southwestern Fund at the same time?

Yes! Order your brick through the brick order form; then, when you make your gift, indicate your brick level and any additional amount you would like to give to the Southwestern Fund. Every gift given from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, will credit toward your annual gift, but only gifts made after February 5, 2015 will be used for your brick inscription.

I made my annual gift prior to February 5, 2015. Can you apply that gift to my brick?

No. We can only apply to the brick campaign gifts made from Charter Day 2015 (February 5, 2015) through Charter Day 2016 (February 5, 2016). You are welcome to make an additional gift, or set up a recurring payment over time that will equal the amount of the brick.

Where does the money for my gift to the brick campaign go?

Gifts to the brick campaign go directly to the Southwestern Fund, which provides the resources to support faculty and academic programs, student scholarships, as well as supporting Southwestern’s reputation, rankings and the perceived value of a Southwestern degree. Learn more about the Southwestern Fund here.

Can I inscribe anything I want on my brick?

All inscription messages must be approved by Gift Programs staff before the proof is finalized. If any changes need to be made to the brick, we will contact you for your approval before finalizing the inscription with the brick vendor.

Will I see a proof before my brick is ordered?

You will receive an email confirmation after you place your order and after you make your gift. However, the brick is not finalized until the Gift Programs office approves the proof. 

Can I choose a specific location in the 175th Anniversary Garden or make sure that my inscribed brick near another specific brick?

No, we can not guarantee where your brick will be placed. If you want your inscription to tie with another inscription, we suggest combining your messages on an 8x8 brick.

Can you notify the person that I am inscribing my brick in honor or memory of?

We can send notification for your gift in honor or memory of someone if you notify the Gift Programs office within one day of making your gift. Email Cheryl Shea at with the name and mailing address or email of the recipient.

Can I designate my brick campaign gift somewhere other than the Southwestern Fund?

Yes, you can designate your gift to any Southwestern initiative, as long as you notify the Gift Programs office within four hours of making your gift. Email Cullie Hamilton at with your gift designation. After four hours, we can not guarantee that we can designate your gift.