Off Air Recording

Audiovisual Services has the capability of recording programs from broadcast television, cable television, and satellite for the Southwestern University community (off-air recording). Recordings are available on VHS or DVD. Please contact Audiovisual Services (x1666) to arrange for off-air video recording.

All off-air recordings made by Audiovisual Services employees must adhere to the Copyright Law of the United States and the US Copyright Office’s publication Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians  Please see Media Copyright FAQ for more information.

The Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians stipulates the following restrictions:

  • Programs recorded from television broadcasts may be used in classroom instruction one time within ten days of the broadcast.
  • A second classroom showing may be used to reinforce the first showing within the ten day period.
  • Recordings may be retained for a period not to exceed the first forty-five (45) consecutive calendar days after date of recording.
  • These recordings cannot be placed in the library catalog or on reserve.
  • Recordings may only be used in the classroom, and may not be shown on the campus cable television system or in public areas on or off campus.
  • Consequently, recordings will be delivered directly to the faculty member. The recording must be returned to Audiovisual Services for destruction by the date indicated on the media. Failure to return the recording for erasure may result in suspension of off-air recording service and/or other privileges.


License agreements for satellite broadcast programs vary. Please be sure to discuss your long-term classroom viewing needs with Audiovisual Services staff at the time the satellite broadcast is recorded.

Please contact Audiovisual Services (x1566) with any questions.