Reserve Equipment

FOR WEEKEND EVENTS, the request must be received no later than 4pm the Monday before the event. This is because Audiovisual Services is not staffed on weekends, so special arrangements must be made for weekend events.

ALL OTHER REQUESTS for equipment must be received no later than 4pm the business day prior to the event/class.

Telephone Reservations (512) 863-1637
E-mail Reservations

Official University Event Form     

Off-campus groups Contact the Events Office at (512) 863-1483



Short notice reservations should be telephoned to Audiovisual Services to ensure that equipment and personnel are scheduled in time for your class or event.

Please Note: Online and email reservations will receive an emailed confirmation within 24 hours of receipt by Audiovisual Services. Telephone, In-Person, and Official University Event Form reservations will receive responses only if there is an equipment or personnel scheduling conflict.