Setting Up Google Apps

Google Apps on the Desktop

Southwestern is a Google campus, which means that Google Apps for Education is available to all students, faculty, and staff. To learn more about the services provided, please refer to the information below.


Chrome is the recommended web browser for Google Apps. Firefox and Safari work well but some features may be different or not present. To install Chrome on your personal computer, click the Chrome icon to the right.


University email is handled though Gmail. The recommended way to view your Southwestern email is to navigate to in your web browser. It is possible to use an email client such as Mail or Thunderbird but not recommended.


Every Google account comes with Calendar which can be used to plan events, schedule appointments, and as a daily planner with alerts. Click the icon to the right to view your calendar.


Google Drive allows you to store files, do word processing, and to create spreadsheets, presentations, all while seamlessly sharing and collaborating with your peers. All Southwestern students, faculty, and staff have unlimited storage space available.


Google Groups have replaced listservs as the primary method of mass email distribution. Click the icon to the right to view your Groups.

Click here to read more about Groups and how to set one up.


Google Sites allows a user to quickly and easily build a website that can be used to host files, display announcements, or do any number of things. Click the icon to get started creating a site.


Google Apps on Mobile

A selection of Google Apps are also have mobile versions available on iOS and Android devices. For viewing email on mobile devices, Southwestern recommends using the Gmail app, found in the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

Click here to set up Mail, Contacts, and Calendars on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iTouch)

Click here to set up Mail, Contacts, and Calendars on Android devices


For further information on using Google Apps, please refer to