Go to WebAdvisor.

WebAdvisor For Students

WebAdvisor allows students to:

  • Register for classes
  • View their class schedule
  • Submit time sheets for Work-Study positions
  • Look up their Post Office Box combination
  • View their grades and GPA by course
  • View their full transcript record
  • View their account billing statement
  • View their Student Profile

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty can use Webadvisor to:

  • View class rosters
  • View schedules
  • Do semester-end grading (NOTE: this is not a grade book)

In addition, faculty can view information about their advisees including transcript data, student schedules, test summery, profiles, registration eligibility, and preferred registration sections.

Department chairs can also view entire department class rosters, student eligibility and major and/or minor department lists.

Staff members can view information regarding vacation and sick leave balances, and access budgets for current year.