Residential Internet (ResNet)

Southwestern University provides internet access (ResNet) for the residence halls. Wireless and wired (ethernet) connection to the Internet is FREE to all students.

Students are required to register a unique ResNet login account and password. 

Click here to register for your account on the ResNet website.

Click here for instructions on connecting devices to the PARROT network.

You can connect to the internet in your room from both a wireless and a wired (ethernet) connection. Accessing the internet through a wired connection is often faster and more reliable. All you need is a network or ethernet cable. Every residential room is equipped with one or two wired network (data) wall-jacks. Simply plug in the network cable from your computer into the jack and you will be ready to go! 

The PARROT wireless network covers the entire campus.  Once you are logged into the PARROT wireless network in your Resident Hall, you will be able to stay connected anywhere on campus using your PARROT wireless connection.  

FYI, Chromecast devices will not work with the PARROT network.  Both Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Stick will function with the wireless network. 

Need help or have a broken network jack in your room?

ResNet technicians are on call 24/7. Call (512) 819-7333 to report a problem with internet service in your residence.  You can also create a support ticket by sending email to with a description of your problem along with your location and contact information.