Helios Network Storage

Helios is a high-speed, robust, centralized file storage server. Network file storage has a number of benefits including the ability to access one’s personal files from any publicly accessible computer system on campus.

Advantages of Using Helios

  • You can access your personal files from anywhere: your office, an SU lab/classroom, or Starbucks!
  • Files stored on Helios are backed up every evening.
  • You have 600 MB of storage. That may not sound like much but it’s plenty of space to store important projects and papers.

Helios in the labs and classrooms

When you login to a computer in a computer lab or classroom, access to your Helios storage is automatically setup.

  • On a Macintosh, look on the desktop for a device with your SUeID name on it with a ~ in front. Double click on the new device to view your documents stored on Helios.
  • On a Windows computer, there will be a drive mapped to Helios labeled with your SUeID and with a ~ in front of the name. Often this is “mapped” to your H: drive. Double-click on the H: drive to view your documents stored on Helios.