Coffee Bar

Our coffee beans are roasted in downtown Georgetown at Cianfrani’s. We also serve hot tea, cocoa, and chai (a student favorite). 


The Library Coffee Bar is located on the first floor of the library, just off the Research Commons. 

Fall and Spring Hours (exceptions for SU holidays and closures)
Mornings - Monday—Friday 8:30am to 11:30am
Evenings - Sundays 1:00pm to 11:30pm; Monday—Thursday 7:00pm to 11:30pm.  

You are welcome to bring your own mug! We’ll fill it with piping hot coffee for $1. Refills of coffee, tea, and cocoa are $0.50 each. Chai is $2.00.

Coffee Bar - Laptop & Books

The Coffee Bar is a cozy place to study. Multiple tables and couches offer comfortable places to sit and work or read. It also houses the book sale nook and soda and snack machines.

The coffee bar has a Keurig brewer. Now, even if the bar is closed, you can still brew a cup whenever you need a beverage. Bring your own pods.