About Us

The Periodicals Department is a service area that provides a relaxed space for conversation and group study along with access to newspapers, journals and magazines. We are located on the first floor of the A. Frank Smith Library.  The Department surrounds a courtyard with tables to study or have a snack, make a call or warm up a little.  Just for fun, we also have a jigsaw puzzle set up on a table!


We currently subscribe to more than 950 print magazines and journals arranged by academic subject and general interest. You can search for them using the online Voyager catalog or just browse the shelves.

But don’t forget about the 92,000+ online journals and newspapers we also make available!

If you need older copies, back issues are found in bound, microfilm, and online formats. Also, many highly popular titles are kept behind the Periodicals desk.

Circulation Policy

Periodicals cannot circulate outside the library except for faculty and staff. 


The general number of the Periodicals Desk is (512) 863-1564. Amy Anderson is the Head of the Department, and she can be reached at (512) 863-1639. Contact information for other individual librarians and support staff can be found at the Library Directory.


Also, don’t forget to come by and see the Periodical Department’s pet fish!