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The A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center offers library instruction to any University class.

Demand for library instruction increases yearly so it is imperative that you schedule your class as early as possible.Please contact us at least two weeks prior to your class date. Class presentations may be held in the electronic classrooms located on the second floor of the library, at the sixteen workstations on the first floor in the Reference Area, or in electronic classrooms throughout the campus.

If you would like to schedule a library session in the A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center, please complete and submit the following form. Additional information about planning a library instruction session is available here.

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What would you like students to learn from this library instruction session? Any particular databases to cover, research strategies, etc.?

Please send a copy of the assignment and course syllabus to your assigned librarian via campus mail or e-mail.

Please indicate if you would like your class to visit the library coffee bar during your session.