Root Institutions


Rutersville College - 1840 to 1856

Soule University - 1856 to 1887

Before the successful founding of Southwestern University in 1873, Texas Methodists made a number of attempts to create a university that would meet the educational needs of new Texans. Four of these early institutions were the "root institutions" of Southwestern University. Although these colleges failed to prosper, Southwestern University inherited their charters, and their histories became the collected foundation of Southwestern University. The rest area pictured above serves as a memorial to each root institution. The table was constructed using a grindstone from McKenzie College. The bench was made using stones from Rutersville College, Wesleyan Collge, and Soule University buildings. The rest area faces University Avenue and is located on the south side of the oldest part of the library, originally known as the Cody Memorial Library.


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