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1.1 Correspondence- Personal, 1915- Includes correspondence of May Peterson and Col. Ernest Thompson: Introductory letters, Correspondence from friends, relatives and attorneys, American Free Milk Relief for Italy, telegrams, Handwritten correspondence, Speech given by Thompson, Chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas, Engagement/Wedding Congratulations, Wedding Expenses, Bill from Florist, Telegram from the S.S Leviathon.

1.2 Correspondence- Carreer, 1919- Correspondence pertaining to musical carrer: letters from Composers; Scheduling.

1.3 Correspondence- Performances, 1921- Correspondence pertaining to performances May Peterson gave, most about her radio concerts.

1.4 Tax Return and Stock Certificate, 1925- Tax return for the calender year 1925, Sample Stock Certificate for the Amarillo Building Company.

1.5 Wedding Invitations, 1923- A Set of Wedding Invitations for the June 29th Wedding of May Peterson to Ernest Thompson.

1.6 Buisness, Calling Cards, n.d- Buisness , Calling Cards: Dressmakers in Paris, La Contess Jean de Castellane, Goldsmith and Phillips physiotherapy, Cartier, Ivory Manufacturer G. Schreiber, Nain Bleu toystore.

1.7 Ephemera: Post Cards, Seasonal Cards Etc, n.d.- Postcards, Seasonal Cards, Monthly Horoscope Cards, Place settings from luncheons, Menu, Small Calendar.

1.8 Ephemera, n.d.- Spare Envelopes, Drawing of Lindinbergh, Tyrell Antiseptic inhaler brochure, Map of Paris.

2.1 Programs- Recitals/Concerts Performed, n.d.- Programs for May Peterson Performances.

2.2 Programs- Recitals/Concerts Performed, n.d.- Programs from recitals given by May Peterson.

2.3 Programs- Recitals/Concerts Performed, n.d.- Programs from recitals given by May Peterson.

2.3 Programs- Recitals/Concerts Performed, n.d.- Programs from recitals given by May Peterson.

2.4 Diary. January - December, 1925. - Brief descriptions of travel, performances, and daily activities. Includes description of Dan Moody's January 19 inauguration.

3.1 Programs- Recitals/Concerts Attended, n.d.- Programs from recitals attended by May Peterson.

3.2 Programs- Recitals/Concerts Attended, n.d.- Programs from recitals/concerts attended.

3.3 Programs- Recitals/Concerts Attended, n.d.- Programs from Recitals Attended by May Peterson.

3.4. Repertoire Ideas/ Recital Planning, n.d.- Various clippings of recital programs from magazines with possible repertoire marked. Scrap paper with notes about song order for recitals.

3.5 Musical Magazines/Booklets, n.d.- " The Forward"- Music Number, "The Colony Chronicle", "The National Federation of Music Clubs"- Official Bulletin, Musical Advance, Pavlowa Booklet, "My Lady's Bouquet of Beautiful Songs", Chappell's Famous Ballad Successes, "Favorite American Songs and Their Singers", L'opera Comique season book.

3.6 Record Catalogues, 1923.- Vocalion Red Record Catalogue, Brunswick Record Catalogue, Victor Records Catalogue 1923.

3.7 Col. Ernest Thompson News Clippings, 1922.- News clippings dealing with Ernest Thompson, pertaining to: The Amarillo Hotel, the American Legion, the Panhandle Hotel, the Amarillo Building, Thompson as a Statesman.

4.1 Scrapbook, 1896.- Very Intersting- A scrapbook of May Peterson's early performances, includes opera performances in Paris.

4.2 Travel Brochures/Booklets- Europe, 1923.- German Brochures- Billed Albums (3), Kothenburger hausfprüche, Die kölher Woche, Hotel zum eifenhut. American Womens Club of Paris Bulletin 1923, Cunard Line Bruchure.

4.3 Travel Brochures- American, n.d.- Travel Brochures from locations in America- Palo Duro Cannon, Harding Ranch, Yellowstone Park, Old Oregon Trail Guidebook, Carlsbad Caverns, Highway map of Idaho, Yellowstone Nat'l Park road map.

4.4 Amarillo/Texas Booklets, 1924.- Booklets pertaining to Amarillo and Texas: Amarillo Building Groundbreaking invitations, Amarillo's Blue Book, Amarillo as a convention city pamphlet, Senate Journal, "Texas Commerical News" article about Panhandle, Hotel Amarillo Book, "The American Region Weekly", "The Texas Special Magazine" September 1924, Amarillo Board of City Development brochure of "Beautiful homes"; advertisiment of Amarilllo as a "city of homes and refinement and a center of culture" with photograph of businesses, homes, city facilities, also has a letter written by Ernest Thompson to "Miss Peterson" on the blank side of the brochure.

5.1 May Peterson Advertisments, n.d.- May Peterson Promotional Posters.

5.2 Music Articles., n.d.- Articles from Magazines and Newspapers about Music.

5.3 May Peterson News Clippings, 1914.- News Clippings about May Peterson: Growing Career, Reports from Paris during World War I, Engaement/ Wedding Stories, American Legion Performance, Music Festival, Radio Broadcasts, Injury.

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