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Hispanic Heritage Month: 
History of Hispanic Culture
in Georgetown




Sumerian Cuneiform Tablet: 
New translation and commentary




News from the 1910 opening of school.
Big enrollment, new students, and football! 



Happy Independence Day! 
The Life of George Washington
5 volumes. Published 1804-1807,
From original papers


Graduation 1949: From Ray Boriski’s 1946-1949 SU Home Movies. Graduation footage at 44:35


When the Roses are in Bloom
: May Peterson Recordings





Texas History: Research Texas history in Special Collections! 





Scents of Time - The history of perfume, complete with a selection of 8 scents.





 Southwestern University Yells





Gift Books - Collections of short writing and art, they were mass produced in the 19th century as gifts that don’t require much forethought.