Cox Gift Map Collection

Manuscript Collection Number:     0032
Creator:                          Larry L. and Pearl B. Cox 
Title:                            Cox Gift Map Collection
Data Span:                        
Languages:                        English 

  Biographical Note

The Cox map collection was donated by Larry L. (x 1925) and Pearl B. Cox of Austin, TX, to Southwestern University over a period of time from 1981 to 1985. The maps, mostly survey maps of the United States and Central and South America, tend to be from government publications. Many maps are not dated and some are reprints/facsimiles. They were sent to the university via John H. Jenkins’ rare book and manuscript company.

  Scope and Content Note

Maps, surveys and proposals (300+) for the Atlantic/Pacific [Inter-oceanic] Canal in Central and South America, dating from the 1860s to early 1900s. There is a smaller group of maps of Central and South America for the proposed Inter-Continental Railway. Some of the maps/surveys were made by the British Navy.

Surveys and proposals (300+) for canals in the north and east around the Great Lakes area dating from the 1850s. This group also includes ship and railroad route maps and surveys.

Survey maps (200-300) of the western territories including: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Also in this group are maps of sections of the west coast: California, Oregon, and Washington.

US Army Corps of Engineer surveys, diagrams, and plan maps for proposed dams in the western US; as well as for river improvements on the Missouri, Mississippi, St. Mary’s, Charleston, and Red Rivers. This group also contains maps of river, lake, and ocean frontage for New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, the Carolinas, and some Gulf Coast states. These date from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s.

Maps and surveys (100+) for military bases and harbor defense as well as maps relating to troop movements and battle locations from the American Revolution, Civil War, Spanish American War, War in China, and WW II in the Philippines. Some of the maps are likely reproductions.

Several maps tracking outbreaks of diseases such as Poliomyelitis and Typhoid Fever, with locations of each case marked on city maps. Most of this group are for cities in the east and northeast and are dated c. 1900 and 1912.

Small group of population maps. Several have the qualifying statement “excluding Indians non-taxed.”

Small group of plans for “Harbor of Refuge” for the east coast and Great Lakes. These date from the 1860s.

Small group of precipitation maps. Also mineral and mine district maps.

Small group of tornado “tracking” maps for midwest states. These maps are named according to the counties or cities hit by the particular storm.

Group (about 100) of reproductions of early Spanish maps from the 1600s-early 1700s. They are possibly maps of exploration of Atlantic islands, North America, and North Africa. Some of these are copies of Dutch map reproductions, also apparently exploration maps.

There are also maps (about 100) in French and Italian. Some of these are of Mediterranean countries.

Small group of maps that encompass parts of Canadian territories and lands near Canada including: New Brunswick, Greenland and Iceland.


  Restrictions to Access

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