Sou'Wester Viewing Instructions

Basic instructions

• When you open the “Sou’wester” link above, the yearbooks should be sorted by date, with most recent yearbooks at the top. There is an online copy for every year that yearbooks were published. If a year is missing, then none was published.

• Select the year you want to look at by clicking on the “Sou’wester Yearbook (Volume ____)” hyperlink.

• On the left you will see the column titled “View the book.” Select “Read Online” to view on your computer. The yearbook will open.

• Note that there is a “search inside” window on the upper right. You can enter search terms here. Keep in mind that a person may be in a group photo that does not have a caption – the search feature searches text only. If you know Uncle John played football, look at football photos. We are aware that the 1950 yearbook is not searching for some users.

• Note the various viewing formats and tools at the bottom right. These will let you view single pages, two pages, or many pages. You can use the + and – tools to make images larger or smaller. Move forward and backward by using the arrow keys. If you are viewing in 2-page format, you can navigate by clicking on the left or right hand pages.

• Can I print a photograph from the online yearbooks?  For personal use or research, yes. For all other uses, please contact special collections.  The only way to print is to enlarge the photo tot he desired size and then do a screen capture (you can find instructions online). If a better quality image is needed, Special Collections can scan directly from our yearbooks for a fee.