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Works Written, Edited, or Adapted by Tony Kushner 

  • Angels in America: a Gay Fantasia on National Themes. pt. 1. Millennium Approaches -- pt. 2. Perestroika. [Play] New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1993- .
  • Angels in America. [Feature film; DVD to be released in September 2004] Based on the play by Tony Kushner. 352 min. Originally released as a television mini-series in 2003. New York: HBO Video. MPAA rating: Not rated. Produced by Celia Costas; screenplay by Tony Kushner; directed by Mike Nichols. With Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeffrey Wright, Justin Kirk, Ben Shenkman, Patrick Wilson, Brian Markinson, James Cromwell.
  • The Art of Maurice Sendak :1980 to the Present. [Book] New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2003. Companion volume to The art of Maurice Sendak by Selma Lanes, pub. by Harry Abrams in 1980.
  • A Bright Room Called Day. [Play] New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1994. Brundibar [Children’s book] Illustrated by Maurice Sendak. New York: Michael di Capua Books/Hyperion Books for Children, 2003.
  • Caroline, or Change: a Musical. [Play] Theatre Communications Group, 2004.
  • Caroline, or Change: Original Broadway Cast Recording. [Compact disc; book and lyrics by Tony Kushner; music by Jeanine Tesori. Produced by Jeanine Tesori] Burbank, Calif.: Hollywood Records, 2004.
    Contents: Disc 1. 16 feet beneath the sea -- The radio -- Laundry quintet -- Noah down the stairs -- The cigarette – Laundry finish -- The dryer -- I got four kids -- Caroline, there's extra food -- There is no God, Noah -- Rose Stopnick can cook -- Long distance -- Dotty and Caroline -- Moon change -- Moon trio -- The bus -- That can't be -- Noah and Rose -- Inside/outside -- JFK -- Duets: No one waitin' -- Duets: 'Night mamma -- Duets: Gonna pass me a law -- Duets: Noah go to sleep -- Noah has a problem -- Stuart and Noah -- Quarter in the bleach cup -- Caroline takes my money home -- Roosevelt Petrucias coleslaw. Disc 2. Santa comin' Caroline -- Little reward -- "1943" -- Mr. Gellman's shirt -- Ooh child -- Rose recovers -- I saw three ships -- The Chanukah party -- Dotty and Emmie -- I don't want my child to hear that -- Mr. Stopnick and Emmie -- Kitchen fight -- A twenty dollar bill and why -- I hate the bus -- Moon, Emmie and Stuart trio – The twenty dollar bill -- Caroline and Noah fight -- Aftermath – Sunday morning -- Lot's wife -- Salty teardrops -- Why does our house have a basement? -- Underwater -- Epilogue.
  • Death & Taxes: Hydriotaphia, and Other Plays. [Plays] New York, St. Paul, MN: Theatre Communications Group, Distributed to the book trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, 2000.
    Contents: Reverse transcription -- Hydriotaphia, or, The death of Dr. Browne -- David Schine in hell -- Notes on Akiba -- Terminating, or, Sonnet LXXV, or, Lass meine Schmerzen nicht verloren sein, or Ambivalence -- East coast ode to Howard Jarvis.
  • A Dybbuk. [Play] Adapted by Tony Kushner; translated from S. An-sky by Joachim Neugroschel; afterword by Harold Bloom. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1998.
  • Possessed. [Compact disc; Tracks 9 through 17 are excerpts from the Klezmatics’ score for Tony Kushner's A Dybbuk: Between Two Worlds, an adaptation of S. An-ski's classic tale of love and possession] Danbury, CT : Xenophile, 1997. Klezmer music and songs sung in Yiddish and English, and instrumental selections.
    Contents: Shprayz ikh mir (3:04) -- Kolomeyke (1:40) -- Moroccan game (2:46) -- An undoing world (3:40) -- Mizmor shir lehanef (reefer song) (5:14) -- Shvarts un vays (4:07) -- Lomir heybn dem bekher (4:20) -- Sirba matey matey (4:54) -- Music from "A dybbuk: between two worlds": Mipney ma (1:37) ; Beggars' dance (2:20) ; Shnaps-nign (1:51) ; Interlude (:36) ; Dybbuk shers (3:12) ; Fradde's song (3:04) ; Der shvartser mi adir (2:13) ; Hinokh yafo (4:06) -- Mipney ma (:42).
    "An undoing world" (track 4) is an excerpt from "'It's an undoing world,’ or why should it be easy when it can be hard," a musical theater piece created by Tony Kushner, Naomi Goldberg, and the Klezmatics. Program notes by Tony Kushner, with English texts and Yiddish texts with English and Hebrew translations, on container insert.
  • Homebody/Kabul. [Play] New York: Theatre Communications Group, 2002.
  • The Illusion. [Play; freely adapted by Tony Kushner] TCG translations series, v. 6. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1994.
  • Adaptation by Tony Kushner of Illusion Comique, a play by Pierre Corneille (1606-1684).
  • Thinking About the Longstanding Problems of Virtue and Happiness: Essays, a Play, Two Poems, and a Prayer. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1995.
    Contents: Essays. American things. Fick oder Kaputt! A socialism of the skin. With a little help from my friends. Some questions about tolerance. Copious, gigantic, and sane. On pretentiousness
    -- A play. Slavs! -- Two poems. An epithalamion. The second month of mourning -- And a prayer.
  • Wrestling with Zion: Progressive Jewish-American Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. [Book; edited and with an introduction by Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon] New York: Grove Press, 2003.

About Tony Kushner and His Work

  • Approaching the Millennium: Essays on Angels in America. Edited by Deborah R Geis and Steven F Kruger. Theater--theory/text/performance series. Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 1997.
    Contents: Ambivalence, utopia, and a queer sort of materialism : how Angels in America reconstructs the nation / David Savran -- November 1, 1992 : AIDS/Angels in America / David Román -- Heavenquake : queer analogies in Kushner's America / James Miller -- Strange angel : the pinklisting of Roy Cohn / Michael Cadden – The vehicle of democracy : fantasies toward a [queer] nation / Ron Scapp -- When girls collide : considering race in Angels in America / Framji Minwalla -- Wrestling with angels : a Jewish fantasia / Alisa Solomon -- Prior to the Normans : The Anglo-Saxons in Angels in America / Allen J. Frantzen -- Identity and conversion in Angels in America / Steven F. Kruger -- Angels in America : the millennium and postmodern memory / Stanton B. Garner Jr. -- Flying the angel of history / Martin Harries -- "The delicate ecology of your delusions" : insanity, theatricality, and the thresholds of revelation in Kushner's Angels in America / Deborah R. Geis -- Design for Angels in America : envisioning the millennium / Arnold Aronson -- On filming Angels : an interview / Robert Altman -- Notes on Angels in America as American epic theater / Janelle Reinelt -- "Dramaturging" the dialectic : Brecht, Benjamin, and Declan Donnellan's production of Angels in America / Art Borreca -- Representing sex on the British stage : the importance of Angels in America / Nicholas de Jongh -- "Free[ing] the erotic angels" : performing liberation in the 1970s and 1990s / Gregory W. Bredbeck.
  • Fisher, James. The Theater of Tony Kushner: Living Past Hope. Studies in Modern Drama Series. New York: Routledge 2002.
    Contents: Introduction -- Chapter 1. Past heaven, through the earth, to hell: A Bright Room Called Day -- Chapter 2. Progress of death in the land of pure delight: Hydriotaphia, or The Death of Dr. Browne -- Chapter 3. Troubling the waters: Angels in America. A gay fantasia on national themes -- Chapter 4. What is to be done?: Slavs! Thinking about the longstanding problems of virtue and happiness -- Chapter 5. Transformations and convergences: Kushner's adaptations -- Chapter 6. An Undoing world: Kushner's one-acts -- Chapter 7. The Great work continues: screenplays, activism, and future projects.
  • Frantzen, Allen J. Before the Closet: Same-Sex Love from Beowulf to Angels in America. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1998.
    Contents: ch. 1. What's love got to do with it? -- ch. 2. Kiss and tell: Anglo-Saxon tales of manly men and women -- ch. 3. Surveying same-sex relations in the early middle ages -- ch. 4. Sociology of sex in Anglo-Saxon laws and penitentials -- ch. 5. Shadow of Sodom: same-sex relations in pastoral prose and poetry -- ch. 6. Sex and the Anglo-Saxons from the Norman conquest to the Renaissance -- ch. 7. Alla, angli, and angels in America.
  • Kekki, Lasse. From Gay to Queer: Gay Male Identity in Selected Fiction by David Leavitt and in Tony Kushner's play "Angels in America I-II." Bern, New York: P. Lang, 2003.
    Contents: 1. Introduction -- 2. Construction of gay male identity in David Leavitt's novels The Lost Language of Cranes and Equal Affections -- 3. Constructing gale male identity by reading and writing: David Leavitt's While England Sleeps -- 4. Memory and desire: the fragility of gay male identity in David Leavitt's Arkansas and The Page Turner -- 5. Tony Kushner's Angels in America and the queering of gay male identity -- 6. Tony Kushner's Angels in America and America's past -- 7. Tony Kushner's Angels in America and queering the Utopia.
  • Vorlicky, Robert (ed.). Tony Kushner in Conversation. Triangulations series. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1998.
    Contents: Introduction: "Two not One" / Robert Vorlicky -- Look back-and forward-in anger / Tom Szentgyorgyi -- Tony Kushner at the Royal Natinal Theatre of Great Britain / Adam Mars Jones -- Eye of the storm / Craig Lucas -- Tony, Tonys, and television / Charlie Rose -- AIDS, angels, activism, and sex in the nineties / Patrick R. Pacheco -- Thinking about fabulousness / Michael Cunningham -- Oddest phenomena in modern history / Bruce McLeod -- Liza gets another Tony / Liza Minnelli -- Gay Rights Movement-twenty-five years / Charlie Rose, Andrew Sullivan, Donna Minkowitz, and Bruce Bawer. I always go back to Brecht / Carl Weber – Proust questionnnaire / Charlotte Stoudt -- Conversation with Tony Kushner and Robert Altman / Gordon Davidson -- Road to optimism / William Harris -- On art, angels, and "postmodern fascism" / Michael Lowenthal – Tony Kushner's Angels / Susan Jones -- On art and politics / Susan Sontag -- Theater and the barricades / Craig Kinzer, Sandra Richards, Frank Galati, and Lawrence Bommer -- Wrestling with angels / Rabbi Norman J. Cohen -- Not on Broadway / Kim Myers -- Why get out of bed? / Anna Deavere Smith -- Poetry, plays, politics, and shifting geographies / Naomi Wallace.

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