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The Value Proposition

Choosing the right college is all about finding your best fit—that subtle balance of strong academics, dynamic student life, and affordable value that just feels right.

If your academic interests are broad and multi-faceted and you’re just a little more than curious about how everything you learn connects to the totality of your educational experience, then the liberal arts and sciences curriculum at Southwestern is the perfect avenue to explore scholarly depth and breadth. Conversely, narrowly focusing your area of study at a “big box school” may lead to academic tunnel vision—restricting avenues of inspiration, inquiry and investigation. As New York Times op-ed columnist, Frank Bruni, states,

“Go somewhere that’ll force you to stretch in multiple directions. The world is in constant flux, life is a sequence of surprises, and I can think of no better talents to pick up in college than fearlessness, nimbleness and the ability to roll with change, adapt to newness and improvise.”

So, challenge your own assumptions and make your decision carefully and thoughtfully. 

Is Southwestern your best fit? We’d answer that with a resounding YES! However, if you still need convincing, we’ve included a little more information for you.

Life Changing

1 of 40 Colleges that Change Lives

“…this small, private liberal arts university in lovely Georgetown is delivering high-quality, life-changing education…students are bucking the trend—and loving it.”

Tops in Texas

U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report ranks Southwestern as the #1 National Liberal Arts College in Texas.

Leading the Way

The Princeton Review

Southwestern named the best undergraduate liberal arts school in Texas for students seeking great academics, outstanding career preparation, and affordability.

The Pricing Payoff

Power of Liberal Arts

On average, private colleges award larger grants—3x more.

Also, students at private colleges graduate faster and, therefore, pay tuition fewer years.

In other words, the cost can be the same or less than a state university. 

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