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Demonstrated Results

No matter what you call it—return on investment, bang for your buck—the results speak for themselves.

Let’s face it, students play a significant role in their own future success—motivated students earn good grades; good grades lead to great opportunities; and great opportunities result in happy, productive individuals. With the promise of delivering a great education comes the responsibility of providing students with the necessary tools to succeed after graduation. The personal attention that comes with low faculty-to-student ratios and small class sizes give rise to powerful graduate school recommendation letters from professors. Internship opportunities allow for hands-on career exposure, providing students with a tangible experience that will land that first job. In the end, the parental unit should be confident knowing that their investment in you—and their investment in Southwestern—won’t lead to that “full circle moment” where you end up on their living room couch wondering what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. 

Your future starts here. You adventure starts now. Your investment gets results.

Southwestern Senior Stories
Southwestern prepares its students well for the future - academically and socially.

Southwestern Post-Graduate Survey
Post-Graduate Survey data for 2010–2013 reveal that 93 percent of graduates were either employed, attending medical, law, or other professional schools or pursuing advanced studies.

The Princeton Review
The Princeton Review ranks Southwestern #1 in Texas for best career services and #8 in the country. Southwestern is also one of the nation’s best ‘Colleges That Pay You Back’.

USA Today
USA Today College, which uses a methodology highly focused on outcomes, ranks Southwestern as the top national liberal arts college in the state of Texas.

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