Holidays Book Display

Books about the celebrations & observances of December

Visit Smith Library Center during December to see the holiday books on display.

Starting with Dec 1 (World AIDS Day), and circling the Research Commons to end with Dec 31st’s celebration of Omisoka (Japanese New Year’s Eve), one can see books about  Pearl Harbor Day, Human Rights Day, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Hanukkah, Yule, Festivus, and of course, Christmas, among many others

These books are available for checkout (save for a couple Reference Collection books) by any SU student, staff, or faculty. 

This display was curated by Librarian Theresa Zelasko and features holidays ancient and modern.

Any holidays omitted from the display were mainly due to space restrictions and/or lack of content. Some holidays have changing dates, others are obscure. Some are just “weird,” like Eat An Apple Day (Dec 2) and National Bacon Day (Dec 30). 


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