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Urban Homes and Land is a full-service, customer-oriented real estate company. We have carefully chosen our location on the west side of Georgetown’s historic square, next to the Williamson Museum. Our vantage point gives us great views of the old Williamson County Courthouse and the shops around the square.

Time Magazine mentioned Georgetown as one of the Top Ten Small Towns in America in December 1997. Since then, Georgetown has doubled in size. Williamson County and Travis County are experiencing rapid growth due to our quality of life and respect for natural beauty.

Urban Homes and Land can show you this part of Texas. You pick which town fits your lifestyle the best. We’ve got quite a few to choose from–and the professional agents to guide you.

We fine-tune our marketing and property searches to fit the specific needs of our customers, making choices that fit our clients, not a franchise handbook. Our office prides itself for its innovative marketing practices, patient customer service, and follow-through attention, long after the sale. Entrepreneurial expertise has taught us what big-box real estate companies sometimes forget: We don’t owe anything to anyone but our clients. We charge no transaction fees. There are no hidden franchise costs. We get to the point.

At the regional level, we are aware of the needs and assets of our area. We are driven to settle buyers into areas that best suit their needs and economic situation. As sellers transition into successive homes here, it is our goal to help them make the move seamlessly. Our motto is “Striving to do well, in order to do good.” 

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