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Physical Plant Office

As active members of the campus community, the Physical Plant’s mission is to provide and maintain an environment that fosters learning and the betterment of humanity by creating a safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment for the community while preserving the historical character of the campus.

The Physical Plant staff provide the services that the campus needs to function on a daily basis. We keep the campus buildings in good repair, keep the landscape groomed, and make sure it is a safe place for everybody. In short, we are the people who keep things running behind the scenes.

The Physical Plant is a service-oriented department committed to meeting the needs of students, faculty and staff in a professional and ethical manner. By providing clean, safe and comfortable facilities, Physical Plant staff work to create and maintain an environment conducive to the pursuit of Southwestern's mission and core purpose.

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    The Physical Plant and SEAK would like to welcome back all new and returning students, staff, and faculty! Please help us achieve our goal of recycling 95% of our waste by not contaminating the blue recycling containers with items that can not be recycled.
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