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History of Lacrosse


In the fall of 1983, Bill Norris, a branch manager at University Savings in Georgetown, approached the Southwestern administration to found a lacrosse team. Bill had been a founding member of the University of Texas at Austin team, as well as a member of the Austin Lacrosse Club.

lacrosse imageThe first game was played December 3, 1983 vs. Baylor at home on what was the old Southwestern football field (currently Snyder Athletic Field). Baylor won easily 21-1, with SU's first and only goal made by Chris Carlson (Houston).

The first season saw a team that was not formally affiliated with the University. Without league affiliation, the season comprised mainly club games and the occasional college opponent. The 1984 season ended 0-8 with a few hearty souls vowing to return the next season.

In the fall of 1984, Southwestern petitioned and was granted admission in the Southwest Lacrosse Association, a league comprised of teams in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

A full season followed with a 0-12 record. In 1985, coaching responsibilities were transferred to Monty Curtis, an admission counselor and former Southwestern player, and in the spring of 1986, the Bucs realized their first victory. In an intermittent rainstorm on February 9, 1986, the team shocked Rice with a score of 9-5 and proved that they were a team to be taken seriously.

lacrosse imageThe next several years saw an ever-improving Buccaneer team, with the first winning season in 1988. In 1989, with a core of seniors, the Buccaneers lost only one game, a mid-season bout with the University of Texas. Taking their division, the Buccaneers found themselves facing off against Southern Methodist University in the semi-finals of the SWLA Championships. The Bucs won easily and faced the longtime powerhouse Texas Longhorns for a third time in the Championship game. The Bucs came back from a three men-down penalty to clench the game in the final minutes. As the scoreboard reflected the final score of 12-11, Bob Korba relinquished the SWLA championship to the Cinderella team of 1989.

The early Nineties were rebuilding years for the Bucs. Though they would not make a second appearance at the Championships until 1995, the Southwestern club took first place at several tournaments including the inaugural University of Houston Tournament (1991) and the Texas A&M Fall Lacrosse Classic (1994, 1995). In April, 1995, under the field direction of Scott Adams (Houston), the Buccaneers again won a championship bid and finished third in the league of 13 teams.

lacrosse image As 2001 dawns, a new chapter continues to unfold in Southwestern Lacrosse history. Former Buc, Bill Bowman, is in his fourth year as head coach, and in an effort to take the game to a new level, the team petitioned and was accepted into the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA/USL) as a member of the Lone Star Alliance. While the Bucs have always played with a high level of sportsmanship and competitiveness, this affiliation affords the team greater recognition, including national rankings, as well as a more level playing field in games against much larger teams such as Texas A&M University and the University of Texas. The Southwestern Lacrosse team looks to continue the Fighting Buccaneer tradition as it faces this new challenge!