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[4/27/09] The Lone Star Alliance Division 2 Awards for 2009 have been announced and the Southwestern Bucs were once again well represented. Andrew Webb earned 1st team attack, Nathan Carney earned 2nd team, and Martin Irish notched 3rd Team attack.

At Middie, both Heath Thompson and Luther Faulk earned 1st team honors, and Thomas Mock earned second team honors.

At defense, Ian Flechsig earned first team honors, while rookie Steven Howe garnerd a 2nd team nod, and Davis Tomasz was awarded a spot on the 3rd team.

James McDonough earned 1st team goalie for the 3rd consecutive year, ad Heath was awarded the award for the best Face off person in the League. James Mcdonough also earned the nod as the top Defensive Player of the year in the LSA D2. James, along with Andrew Webb and Heath Thompson all were nominated as All Americans as well.

Congrats goes out to all the Bucs on their well deserved awards.

The Bucs also announced their team awards at the end of year party shortly after winning the Conference Championship. The players, along with over 40 parents and family members, had a banquet at Poke Jo's Bar BQ to hand out the awards.

Seniors Andrew Webb, Titus Hawthorne, Heath Thompson, Martin Irish, Ian Flechsig, James Walker, Derek Sample, and James McDonough all received the traditional mug given to seniors for their years of dedication and service to the program. This wonderful group of seniors will be sorely missed. The impact on the field will undoubtedy be surpassed many times as they venture out into the next phase of their lives.

Jack Parker earned the award for rookie of the year (a player who picks up the stick for the first time ever and finds a way to contribute to the team) for his hard work and ability to pick up the nuances of the game so quickly. Jack was a great addition ot the team and the award was well deserved.

Steven Howe was named Freshmen of the year, having come in with prior lacrosse experience and immediately having an impact as a starting defender. He earned 2nd team defensive honors for LSA D2 as well. His hustle and work ethic, along with his raw talent made him an obvious pick for this award.

Heath Thompson earned the famous Hot Dog Award for makign the crowds gasp with some of the things he has been able to do over the season. Whether it was his unbelievable face off prowess or his laser shots, Heath found ways to wow the crowds, the other teams, and constantly amaze his own teammates.

The award for the most imporved player was oneof the most hotly contested awards with Nathan Carney, David Tomasz and Thomas Mock all in contention and rightly so for the coveted award. Luther Faulk, however, has made leaps and bounds when it comes to his stick skills and his field vision. With 30 points and counting, Luther has been an impact player on both sides of the field and his work ethic and unwillingness to settle on anything when it comes to lacrosse and what could be acheived, made Luther an obvious choice.

The award for the Unsung Hero, (the person who most exemplifies what it means to be a player for Southwestern Lacrosse, who does not look for or seek accolades from others, and most importantly only wants to do what he can to make himself and the team better, often times when no one else is looking) went to a well deserving Connor Hanrahan. Connor is always all over the field, finding ways to help the Bucs succeed.

Finally, the award for the MVP was a tight one that could have gone to James Mcdonough or Heath Thompson for their extraordinary seasons and the impact each has had on the team this year. Andrew Webb, however, is as consitent as they come. Try to double team him, he will beat it. Try to slide early, you ar etoo late. Try anything short of slashing (and even that doesn't work sometimes), and you simply cannot stop Webb. Andrew has shattered the SU record books, by becoming the all time leader in Southwestern Lacrosse history in points. He also has reached the 200 point club and is 3 goals shy of being the only person ever to achieve 200 goals. To say Webb is a once in a lifetime player is an undrstatement. There have been many times he has carried this team, and the award was a fitting tribute to his career.