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Student Life

Student Organizations: Religious

These Student Organizations are communities of faith within Southwestern’s student body.

A.M. Levy Jewish Student Organization (JSA)

Advisor: Michael Saenger
Purpose: to foster Jewish identity at SU through fellowship, religious/cultural activities, and communication.

Canterbury of SU

Advisor: Melanie Hoag
Purpose: to create an atmosphere of open discussion concerning important issued in our world. Canterbury is sponsored by the Episcopal church, but all are welcome.

Catholic Student Association

Contact: Richard Morrison
Advisor: Francie Smith
Online Community: Web Site
Purpose: to provide Catholic students with an environment for spiritual growth and fellowship in their journey of faith.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Contact: Cullen Severson
Advisor: Anna Castillo
Purpose: to present the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Kappa Upsilon Chi

Advisor: Jason Chapman
Purpose: to develop strong Christian men who pursue God through Christian brotherhood, mutual accountability, and campus-oriented mission.

Lutheran Student Movement

Advisor: Megan Danner
Purpose: to support and develop the faith life of Lutheran students through participation in opportunities for Christian worship.

Muslims & Allies

Contact: Zeynep Guven
Advisor: Banafsheh Madaninejad
Purpose: to teach members and the student body about Islam, its followers and history; to create a better understanding in the community about the Muslim people; to support Muslim and non-Muslim students as they learn more about Islam.

Sigma Phi Lambda

Contact: Mikayla Miller
Advisor: Erin Crockett
Online Community: Web Site
Purpose: to provide a source of fellowship to Christian women who seek to know Jesus.

Southwestern University Young Life College

Contact: Jordan Herbert
Advisor: Glenn Schwab
Purpose: to encourage Southwestern students in their own walk of faith.

United Methodist Student Movement

Advisor: Megan Danner
Purpose: to provide opportunities for fellowship, service, worship, and ministry to all students.