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Title IX

Formal Complaints Through University Disciplinary System

How do I initiate a sexual misconduct complaint through the SU disciplinary system?

Your first step is to contact the Dean of Students (or designee). You are encouraged to bring someone with you to meet with the Dean of Students (or designee) (e.g., a counselor, a professor, or even a friend). Students often find that "another set of ears" helps them to feel supported and to keep track of what options are discussed in the meeting.

When you meet with the Dean of Students (or designee), the first thing they will do is listen as you tell what happened. Next, they will explain how the disciplinary process works. They will also explore any accommodations that may be necessary to assist you in getting your needs met.

Once you meet with the Dean of Students (or designee) an investigation will begin. You will first complete a written statement. If you need additional time to write a full statement, you may make a very brief initial statement that you intend to seek a disciplinary hearing involving another student. This is so the Respondent student can be notified that there is a complaint pending against him/her, which includes a warning of no contact and no retaliation against the accusing student. You may then complete your full written statement at a later time. If you have made a statement with the police, a copy of that statement will suffice as your written complaint.

What is the Sexual Misconduct Hearing Board?

The Hearing Board is the only board that can hear cases involving alleged student or student organization sexual misconduct. Any other violation of University policy that occurred during the alleged sexual misconduct may also be adjudicated by the Hearing Board.

Who will be on the Hearing Board that hears my case?

The Hearing Board will consist of five Hearing Board members, at least three of whom must be members of the faculty, who receive formal training prior to serving as Hearing Board members. See Appendix C: Sexual Misconduct Policy, Section 6 Sexual Misconduct Hearing Board. Contact the Dean of Students (or designee) for a complete list of the current Hearing Board members.

What can I expect at a Sexual Misconduct hearing?

The Sexual Misconduct hearing process is described in section 7 of the SU Sexual Misconduct Policy, see Appendix C.

This page was updated on Jul 28, 2019.